About Aunt Lena’s Preserves

Remember walking into those fragrant kitchens full of the aroma's of freshly canned preserves? Taking a deep breath you just knew the pickles were resting in the finest brines & spices - soon to be capped.

At the site of those very same canning jars, you remember and instantly crave for the delicate flavours that can only come from the timeless recipes of preserves passed down through the generations.

Now - Aunt Lena makes them for you.

Since 2002, Aunt Lena knows what folks are looking for - they want to get back to the homemade & all natural products they grew up with.

2016 saw many exciting changes with Aunt Lena's Preserves. Aunt Lena's is not only a wholesale company, she also sells her preserves in retail stores around Ontario.

Thank you for your support!